Screen Print and Ship

Even just 1 t-shirt orders. No more pre-printing!

No more pre-printed but not selling designs! No more frustrations in re-registering the screens on the press! With LINE TABLE SCREEN PRINTING, you just get the screens and start printing right away. If you are a designer who wants to sell your design t-shirts this line table system is the best way to go because of its high quality of direct screen printing, low cost and the ability to screen print small orders quickly!

David Can. Read More
I totally agree with the preorder system and that preprinting can cost you a lot of money. Thank you for this.
Avancer Art Group Read More
This is actually some really good information you shared. You just made me rethink how I am going to handle future orders for my printing. You just helped me avoid a lot of heartache !
Mimi Maroto Read More
This is what I’m also planning! Thanks for the reminder!
Rey Martin Miranda Read More
Thank you very much, this is exactly what I have been wanting to know.