DIY Plan for Platen [FREE]


Plan for platen for our line table press (PDF file)
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  • Make your own platen at material cost under $6 or even under $3
  • Wooden platen with laminated top
  • Full size 16″ x 22″, 3/4″ thick
  • No platen bracket needed with our Line Table Press

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Line Table Screen Printing

It is to screen print on a flat and long table. A printer moves along the table to print. This makes it possible to print long and continuous designs like a whole roll of fabric. But in our case, to load t-shirts, we use platens instead of the table.
Each method has its own advantages. Rotary press can perform better for large quantity bulk printing of single design. For printing small quantities of various designs, line table press is the way to go.
Lets' say that you want to sell t-shirts with your own designs. And you print all the designs for all the sizes, colors and styles of the garments. But chances are many of them will not sell. So, this is very costly and risky for a starting entrepreneur. What you should do is make screens of all your designs for line table screen printing. And make mock ups for all your products. Once someone buys any one of them, you screen print immediately that design on the sold size, color and style of the garment. This is only possible with line table screen printing. And we do this every day. How about with rotary press? Because of registration issues, you can never process that many small orders with rotary press. Basically, rotary press is only for large quantity bulk printing of a same design. Then how about the heat press? We think the quality of heat press is not the commercial level. How about plastisol transfers? Making plastisol transfers costs you considerable amount of money. But more importantly, the print durability of plastisol transfers can't be as good as "direct" screen printing. How about DTG (direct to garment) printing? DTG is too costly in terms of investment, production and maintenance. And they are not even fast enough unless you have about 50 of them.
It has commercial print quality good enough for high end fashion brands.
Here is one video by our print shop in the Philippines. For many more videos, please visit Line Table Screen Printing YouTube Channel
Yes, you can use plastisol, water based, solvent inks. Our press has the ability to adjust off contact for better printability.