Line Table Screen Printing Press


Heavy duty table top line table press for high quality multi color screen printing

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  • Single platen, MULTI COLOR screen printing
  • Perfect screen registration with our micro registration attachment
  • For plastisol, water based or solvent inks
  • Off contact control
  • Table top, compact and heavy duty
  • More units to multiply output
  • What’s included: 4 steel parts for line table press (easy to assemble)
  • Wooden platen is NOT included
  • Shipped from California via UPS Ground

Additional information

Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 12 × 8 in
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Line Table Press

This simple and low cost line table press enables you to print multi color prints that are exactly registered. But more importantly, you can screen print IMMEDIATELY without spending time to re-register the screens before printing.
Yes, DIY line table press is doable. But we recommend line table presses that are built by actual experienced line table screen printers. If you want to save time and focus on the printing, it makes more sense to purchase it rather than making it from scratch since they are way more affordable compared to rotary presses.
Assembly of the steel structure is just simple and takes about 15 minutes.
Please note that this product DOES NOT INCLUDE PLATEN. So, you use your own platen or make it for yourself like in this video:
You must have a sturdy wooden table to install this line table press. This is a table top press. And screen printing requires pressure to push inks. Therefore, you must secure the press with screw nails to the table. Here is a sample table bench. Its DIY materials are from Amazon: